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MCB on location

Your waste container at your preferred location, without any damage. We owe you that. But did you know we can do a lot more to make things easier for you?

Delivering new containers

Your new waste containers will be delivered from the factory in Roosendaal. From Roosendaal, we can transport your waste containers to any desired location! We will install the containers without any damage using the crane on our vehicles.

Assistance with raw material collection

MCB Milieu & Techniek collects raw materials every week for various partners. This is something for which MCB Milieu & Techniek is certified.

Safe and sustainable

We want to take our social responsibility: safe and sustainable transport. Our drivers drive through the streets and city centres of the Netherlands every day. Safe working and transport are of paramount importance. Sustainable transport is part of our job. For example, through route optimisation, combined freight and economical driving by our drivers, we limit carbon emissions and fuel consumption to a minimum.