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We refurbish your containers

Want unambiguity when it comes to your containers but don’t feel like replacing your current containers? Or simply want to give your containers a new lease of life? Get in touch and we’ll show you the options for refurbishing your existing containers:

Did you know that MCB Milieu & Techniek initially only refurbished containers? We have more than 20 years of experience with minor and major refurbishment projects. We have already breathed new life into thousands of containers!

Customized refurbishments

Just like new waste containers, we offer customised refurbishments for your containers. This means that we can make modifications or improvements as you wish! We can also guarantee the appearance in accordance with your wishes. This can be achieved, for example, by using colour or a sticker protocol in accordance with your wishes. This way, you get different types of containers, but it still looks uniform. Did you know we can also design stickers for you?

Project management

We can imagine you don’t want to get all your containers off the street. This would mean you can no longer collect your waste. Of course, we’ll take care of this. By properly coordinating a project with everyone involved, exchanging badges and keeping you informed, we ensure what you ultimately want: satisfied customers, no lost income and revamped containers!