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Maintenance for your containers

A well-maintained streetscape promotes the way in which people interact with their environment. The same goes for waste containers. Above and underground waste containers wear out due to heavy use. To guarantee the good conditions these containers, they must be maintained and cleaned regularly.

Periodic maintenance

Of course, you can expect the waste container you’ve purchased to last a long time. But this does mean that periodic maintenance must be carried out, that malfunctions are adequately resolved and that damage to the container is properly repaired. Below, we outline what we can do for you.

Preventive maintenance

Your waste container is used intensively every week. That’s quite normal. The container contains many moving and wearing parts, such as fall arrest, bottom tray or a hoisting system. To promote the lifespan of the container, we recommend cleaning, checking and lubricating it annually. Any corrective maintenance is presented in a report, with a recommendation.

Corrective maintenance

When containers are still new, (virtually) no corrective maintenance will be required. If according to our report, corrective maintenance must be carried out, we will first ask you to agree to this. This way, you know in advance how much you will pay later on.


If your waste container malfunctions or is defective, MCB Milieu & Techniek’s service department is on hand to resolve this quickly and adequately for you. This service is part of our maintenance package.