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PTD stands for Plastic, Tin and Drinks cartons. The Dutch abbreviation is PBD. Plastic packaging, tins & drinks cartons is a waste stream that has been vigorously separated by local authorities and residents for a number of years now. It is also increasingly used by companies and institutions. Whether you want to buy or hire a PTD container, there is a suitable solution for every situation. We offer the following versions:

Aboveground PTD containers

MCB Milieu & Techniek’s aboveground containers for PTD waste are reliable and robust containers. We are the market leader in supplying these aboveground PTD containers, with development and production carried out by ourselves.

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Semi-underground PTD containers

MCB Milieu & Techniek’s semi-underground PTD container is a practical solution for situations where underground in terms of depth is not possible. With a low top box and permanent set-up, a semi-underground container makes for attractive street furniture.

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Underground PTD containers

The underground PTD container, like all our waste containers, has been developed by ourselves and can therefore be adapted to your wishes. An underground container considerably enhances the streetscape. The opening is functional and low to the ground, so children or disabled people can easily dispose of their plastic waste. In addition to the neat appearance, this solution has the advantage of a large capacity.

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