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Organic waste has always been a much-separated waste stream in low-rise buildings. Many local authorities now also want residents of high-rise buildings to start presenting this waste stream. Whether you want to buy or hire an organic waste container, there is a suitable solution for every situation. We have aboveground organic waste containers, semi-underground organic waste containers and organic waste container housing:

Aboveground organic waste containers

MCB Milieu & Techniek has developed an aboveground container for the collection of organic waste. During the design, we considered ventilation and moisture collection. Thanks to its compact size, it also makes for attractive street furniture.

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Semi-underground organic waste containers

Together with its customers, MCB Milieu & Techniek creates new opportunities. The semi-underground organic waste container is a prime example of this. A compact, user-friendly container that fits nicely into the streetscape. During the design, we considered proper ventilation and moisture collection.

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Organic waste container housing

To collect organic waste from high-rise buildings, MCB Milieu & Techniek has developed various types of organic waste container housing. Thanks to the different designs and options, there is a suitable organic waste cocoon for every situation. The organic waste container housing is designed with good ventilation and user-friendly disposal and release doors.

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