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E-waste container housing

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MCB Milieu & Techniek has developed its own container housing with various options. For example, we developed a return cocoon that is suitable for collecting up to six different e-waste fractions. The interchangeable inserts allow you to collect your desired e-waste fraction. You can also collect small electronic appliances with e-waste container housing. The options are detailed below:

Different types and sizes

The e-waste container housing is available in various shapes and sizes. You can choose from different volumes, models, collection systems and disposal systems. We also offer various additional options.

View the possibilities


  • Innovative collection system
  • Flexible construction
  • Universally prepared for IRDC access control
  • User friendly


MCB Milieu & Techniek has designed a collection housing with a 240-litre mini-container and a housing for six WEEE fractions that can be collected with tubes.

Versions & models

Our containers are available in various models.



Type of disposal system

We are happy to advise you which type of disposal system best suits the area where your containers will be placed.

Interchangeable inserts

Dump lid

Options & possibilities

Discover the possibilities to tailor our product to your needs.

  • Access control system
  • Fill sensor
  • Anti-poster balls
  • Anti-graffiti coating
  • Own sticker protocol
  • Type of coating and colour

More information or specific wishes?

If you are looking for specific solutions that are not described here, there is a good chance that we can still help you. MCB Milieu & Techniek develops and makes its own containers, enabling us to make simple adjustments or make new designs! Please ask us about the possibilities. For more information and no-obligation personal advice, please call us or complete our contact form.

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