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Every year, too much WEEE waste (discarded electrical and electronic equipment) is disposed of as residual waste. As a result, various initiatives have already emerged to start the collection of small electronic waste. Have you found an ideal way yet to collect this e-waste? We can customise your electronic waste container! Apart from aboveground electronic waste containers, we also have electronic waste container housing:

Aboveground e-waste containers

MCB Milieu & Techniek’s aboveground e-waste containers, also known as e-tainers, were specially developed for the collection of e-waste. This e-tainer is designed to be vandal-proof thanks to its special outer and inner container.

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E-waste container housing

MCB Milieu & Techniek has developed its own container housing with various options. For example, we developed a return cocoon that is suitable for collecting up to six different e-waste fractions. The interchangeable inserts allow you to collect your desired e-waste fraction. You can also collect small electronic appliances with e-waste container housing.

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