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Glass waste is the most separated waste stream after paper. Whether you want to buy or hire a bottle bank, there is a suitable solution for every situation. We have underground bottle banks, semi-underground bottle banks and aboveground bottle banks. All containers come with drip trays as a standard and are of robust quality. We offer the following versions:

Mobile bottle banks

The mobile bottle bank is easy to move and therefore ideal for situations with a limited or narrow space. Since this type of bottle bank is often used in the catering industry, it is also referred to as the catering bottle bank.

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Aboveground bottle banks

MCB Milieu & Techniek’s aboveground bottle bank is the familiar bottle bank we see in our streets every day. MCB Milieu & Techniek is the market leader in supplying aboveground bottle banks. We have been producing these bottle banks ourselves for more than 15 years now.

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Semi-underground bottle banks

MCB Milieu & Techniek’s semi-underground bottle bank is a practical solution for situations where fully underground in terms of depth is not possible. With a low top box and permanent set-up, a semi-underground container makes for attractive street furniture.

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Underground bottle banks

Underground bottle banks are fully recessed and make for attractive street furniture. The opening is functional and low to the ground, so children or disabled people can easily dispose of their bottles. These bottle banks also have a large capacity of up to 4000 litres.

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Bottle bank housing

Indien u glas wilt inzamelen door middel van rolcontainers zijn er twee soorten containerbehuizingen beschikbaar geschikt voor 1 x 240 liter, 2 x 240 liter of 1 x 660 liter.

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