Underground lifting container

Together with HVC and Opnieuw & Co (a thrift store), MCB Milieu & Techniek has developed an underground container for collecting textiles by hand. The aim was to develop a safe, user-friendly, waterproof container with sufficient storage capacity. MCB Milieu & Techniek has fully fulfilled this wish with the underground ‘lifting container’. An easy-to-use container controls a hydraulic lift with a 12V connection in the collection vehicle. The cage with a storage capacity of 4000 litres is fitted with mesh, which prevents condensation. By using two unloading doors, clothing can easily be removed from the cage without causing any inconvenience. The municipality, HVC and Opnieuw & Co are extremely satisfied with the operation of this underground manual unloading textile container.

HVC Grondstoffen nv

Type of container:
Underground manual unloading textile container, type “Schouwen”, with double-shell drum