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MCB aiming for a circular economy.

Around the globe, we all strive for a circular economy so we are no longer dependent on fossil raw materials. MCB Milieu & Techniek pursues an active policy to contribute to the Dutch goal of being fully circular by 2050 with innovative and relevant solutions.

Discover how MCB achieves this


MCB Milieu & Techniek pursues this policy through its core values of Passion, Quality and Sustainability. This includes making the production process more sustainable and making investments that contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.


MCB Milieu & Techniek’s policy regarding CSR and Sustainability can be summarised in two themes:

  • MCB Milieu & Techniek contributes to a more sustainable production process and reduces the carbon footprint
  • MCB Milieu & Techniek is socially involved

Download more extensive documentation here, such as the MCB Milieu & Techniek Action Plan.

Carbon Reduction Measures 2023-2026 (PDF in Dutch)

MCB Milieu & Techniek contributes to a more sustainable production process and reduces the carbon footprint

We do this with clear objectives, agreements and joint initiatives.


MCB Milieu & Techniek aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 5% in 2020 compared to reference year 2019. To achieve this, various actions have been taken:

  • Purchase of electric vehicles
  • The “Het nieuwe rijden” training course for truck drivers
  • Purchase of Euro 6 trucks
  • Efficient transport planning
  • Carbon compensation of fuel consumption
  • Entire site fitted with LED lighting
  • Encouraging staff to cycle into work by providing facilities such as a shower.
CO205 - Ketenanalyse (PDF in Dutch)Carbon footprint 2022 (PDF in Dutch)Carbon footprint 2023H1 (PDF in Dutch)

Production process

In addition to the above points, we also implement sustainable optimisations in our production process. During its design and production process, MCB Milieu & Techniek makes conscious choices to limit production waste and energy costs.

MCB Milieu & Techniek designs its containers in such a way that they fit exactly on a roller belt width provided by its sheet material suppliers, so hardly any production waste is created.

We also opt for a sustainable form of treatment for the surface treatment, namely KTL. This is a high-quality and very environmentally friendly method, because demineralised water is used as a solvent. Moreover, the principle has a loss of only 1.5% of the amount of leakage used. The used rinse water circulates in a cascade system, where the concentrates are detoxified and neutralised. This process provides very high corrosion protection at a very low environmental impact.

This shows MCB Milieu & Techniek also exerts its influence in the chain to make the entire production process more sustainable. The waste that remains at the end of our process, such as cardboard and foil, is collected separately so our waste processor can convert it into new raw materials.

Uitgebreide documentatie betreft de Sector- en keteninitiatieven van MCB Milieu & Techniek kunt u hier downloaden.

CO2-07F01 – Overview knowledge initiatives Carbon performance ladder - 02 (PDF in Dutch)

Reuse of materials

At the end of their life cycle, the products can be taken back by MCB Milieu & Techniek and then reused or 100% recycled. MCB Milieu & Techniek takes back many containers each year. These are largely used again as temporary hire objects or completely refurbished. Containers that cannot be reused are completely dismantled and discharged in a clean return stream for reuse.


MCB Milieu & Techniek is socially involved and believes it is important to make an effective contribution to its immediate living environment. That is why MCB Milieu & Techniek sets environmental objectives for itself every year. Examples include:

  • Reducing energy costs
  • Reducing unnecessary copying and printing
  • More energy efficient driving with its own carriers
  • Energy-saving use of transport
  • Informing and encouraging customers to purchase sustainable products
  • Further awareness of suppliers regarding environmental aspects

These SHEQ objectives are a standard agenda item during management meetings. MCB Milieu & Techniek’s environmental policy is based on maximum coordination between product, process and organisation.

Extensive documentation regarding the reduction objectives of MCB Milieu & Techniek, and the results already achieved can be downloaded here.

VE002 – Review Carbon goals 2022 (PDF in Dutch)Review Carbon reduction measures 2023H1 (PDF in Dutch)Emission inventory 2022 (PDF in Dutch)
SKAO – Publications 3.1

MCB Milieu & Techniek is socially involved

This is reflected, among other things, in personnel, sponsorship and certification.


MCB Milieu & Techniek is strongly rooted in local society. For example, sustainable and annual customisation is offered in guiding students in the process from production to delivery and sale of the product. MCB Milieu & Techniek also consciously recruits older employees to achieve a healthy mix of young and old. Staff meetings are organised frequently. Apart from the regular toolbox meeting, an annual company outing is also organised, which creates great social cohesion.

Medical examination
Personnel are offered annual medical examinations. In addition, managers perform periodic safety inspections, the RIE is revised annually and all work equipment and machines are inspected annually to guarantee the safety of work. Points of interest will of course be discussed again during a toolbox meeting.


MCB Milieu & Techniek is committed to social foundations and has therefore applied various forms of sponsorship in recent years. For example, development projects in the Middle East and support of the local music association. MCB Milieu & Techniek also supports initiatives in municipalities such as “Wijkheldenfestival” in Nijmegen. In addition, MCB Milieu & Techniek is an active sponsor of the NVRD and, lastly, it wholeheartedly supports initiatives of its own employees!


MCB Milieu & Techniek works closely with its customers on projects to realise social work projects. This is exactly what MCB Milieu & Techniek’s product is designed for. MCB Milieu & Techniek takes care of the production of spare parts and supplies these, together with a simple assembly drawing. Together with sheltered workshops, hundreds of containers have already been successfully created by people with poor job prospects!


To guarantee and improve the safety and quality of our work, MCB Milieu & Techniek is VCA**, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. MCB Milieu & Techniek has a current environmental permit, our employees are trained as inspectors and have a VCA diploma. MCB Milieu & Techniek has also been a recognised training company since 2008 (ID 100310061) and a recognised welding company since 2020, in accordance with the NEN-EN-ISO 9606-1:2017 standard. We are also a member of Koninklijke Metaalunie (the trade union for the metal industry) and have a VIHB number for the transport of waste.

SBB Recognition Certificate (PDF in Dutch)
SBB Recognition Overview (PDF in Dutch)Certificate ISO 14001:2015 (PDF in Dutch)Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (PDF in Dutch)Certificate Carbon performance ladder (PDF in Dutch)SBB Recognition Certificate (PDF in Dutch)
VCA Certificate (PDF in Dutch)